Stealing Smokes

Some Surprising Short Stories


In his second collection of short stories John Hanlon sets out to entertain with six short and sometimes twisted tales about growing up (or never growing up).

In the title story, two boyhood friends meet up later in life and one of them discovers that if you practice deception there is usually a price to pay. In other stories we find megalomania often comes in small packages, children learn from adults when often the reverse should apply and even the seemingly innocent can harbour guilty secrets.

Told with cheeky irreverence in an Antipodean tone of voice, these stories, while pure fiction, will often be so close to your truths they are bound to resonate. And as is always the way with Hanlon’s stories — they’ll almost certainly get you in the end.

Publication: October 2016 (Pre-order)

Title: Stealing Smokes: Some Surprising Short Stories
Author: John Hanlon
Publisher: Woven Words
Formats: Ebook (Kindle, EPUB), Paperback, 124 pp (ISBN978-0-9925524-5-9)


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Paperback: 5.5 x 8.5-inches, 124 pp, ISBN978-0-9925524-5-9