Pop Poetry

For want of a better expression I write ‘Pop Poetry’ — the kind of poems you’d expect a songwriter to write. I hope you like them.
A Sudden Storm

The sky declared war on the city tonight
the heat had been building all day
and the belly of the storm
was raggedy and torn
a cold cast of green in its grey

Thunder rattled lightning crackled
sirens like banshees from Hell
and the river of road
hissed as it flowed
down past the drunken hotel

With bubble and burble and eddy and swirl
it gushed and rushed down the drain
and the grime of the day
got carried away
then soon it went quiet again

Now some come out to inspect their roofs
others puddle back to their cars
the clouds have all gone
and the night carries on
to the winking and blinking of stars

Poem - Icebergs by John Hanlon
Broome sweeps clean


Countless cameras were clicking

At the aristocratic camels

That were picking their way along the beach

In stately lines

There were mothers hugging babies

Radiant of face

And old people in deckchairs

Serenely out of place

As another sleepy sunset held me in its sway

‘Til the rising of the pink pearl moon

Took all my words away

Love On The Rocks


Things imagined

But never fully formed

Blurring past like people

moving by in swarms


Everything sparkles

Everyone smiles

Even an old bearded retarded guy

With his mother by his side

Is having the time of his life


It’s that kind of day

Here beneath the broad-shouldered

Reassuring presence of this steadfast bridge

And its more refined partner

She with so many unforgettable points to make

The shark-toothed house of opera


I’m soaking it up

Breathing it in

Filling the hole where you used to be

Doing my best to get back

to me