With deepest regret, due to ongoing irreconcilable differences with the promoter, I have had to cancel my forthcoming tour at the eleventh hour.

To persist would have resulted in concerts that would have disappointed my fans and friends and irrevocably damaged my reputation.

Ironically, the tour was going to be called the ‘This is how it starts…’ tour. But it never got started.

I apologise to the many people who contacted me through this website and went to such great lengths to track down tickets and information about the tour. If you don’t get your money back from the ticket vendors, write to me here at my website and I will repay you personally.

I’m also very disappointed for Hannah Simpson, who, in her onstage persona as Cherry’s Gemstones, was going to open the show. As well, the young singer-songwriters who had vied for the hour of opening some of our concerts. All of these people lose out as the result of the decision I made and I feel badly for them.

However, without going into the details, which would require me to speak ill of a genuinely enthusiastic but dangerously inexperienced would-be promoter, I did what I had to do for everyone’s sake — even that of the aforementioned promoter.

After a 30 years break from touring, I was really looking forward to sharing songs old and new with you, so rest assured I will tour again in the not too distant future.

However, when I do, I will do so in a professional, well-planned way, that treats my audiences with the respect they deserve.

I’m hoping that tour will be towards the end of 2010 or early 2011.

On the PLUS side, I’ll be back soon with news of the release of my new CD — 12 Shades of Blue, and you’ll be able to hear samples of these songs right here.

Talk soon,