When it comes to technology, I am incompetent. This was never better demonstrated than my interview with Karyn Hay on Radio National this morning. I’d expected to have one song off my new album NAKED TRUTHS played on this show and was delighted to hear that they would in fact be playing three. I duly sent them three songs.


But being the idiot that I am, I did not double check the mp3s I sent and when listening to the show this morning discovered — to my shock, horror, and breath-stealing embarrassment — that two of the songs I’d sent them were just guitar and voice demos.


These were aired in the show and anyone listening would now think they were the actual tracks off the album and were most likely unimpressed. What a wasted opportunity.


I can’t turn back time. What’s happened has happened. The best I can do is to let you hear what was meant to be played.


For the song THIS IS NEW YORK, this is what you should have heard.



Lesson learned. I will try to do better next time.