For quite some time I have been deliberately vague when asked if and when I will perform again. I’d now like to explain the reason for my evasiveness. I do this reluctantly but my life pretty much depends upon it so here goes:

I have a terminal kidney disease known as PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). It’s a hereditary condition and it’s incurable. I’m kept alive by dialysis, which I do at home 3 or 4 times a week.

The preferred alternative to dialysis is a kidney transplant. Two years ago, when this need was first identified, some of my dear friends volunteered. One by one they failed various stages of the screening processes.

This week I received news that I no longer have any ‘live donors’ left.
I’m now back again in line waiting for a deceased donor. This call could come at any time or never – due to our high incidence of diabetes and obesity, there are hundreds of people needing kidneys.

So my best and preferred option is to find a live donor.

My wife and most of my family have conditions that prevent them being donors and so I find myself reluctantly broadcasting my need to anyone who might be listening. Unless I receive a transplant, I will be strapped to a machine for the rest of my life — however long that might be. And you can imagine how that will restrict what I can do. Certainly performances outside Auckland or concert tours will be out of the question.

If it all ended tomorrow it would have been a good innings, and in some senses I would have made my mark. Nevertheless, I’d like to go on for a lot longer because I have so much more I would like to do with words and music and life in general.

So …

If you know of anyone who might consider being a donor, please share this and/or contact 0800 LIVE DONOR

Thanks for listening