So how are you feeling?

Are you breathing a little easier now that Biden is President? Or do you, like me, have a niggling doubt about his age and worry what might happen if he were to suddenly fall off the twig?

How will 73 million Trump supporters feel if Kamala takes over the reins? Will those openly toting automatic weapons be driven to use them?

Am I being overly dramatic? Or am I simply addressing a frightening reality?

While it’s little more than a concept to the young, those of us who lived through the ‘60s remember political assassinations with crystal clarity. As teenagers we I lived with them. They were heart-stopping leaps in our learning curve.

The lessons were harsh and heart-breaking. President John F. Kennedy followed by his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, then Martin Luther King.

Three giants felled at the peak of their powers. All within a very short timeframe. 1963 to 1968.

At the time all three were spearheading important civil rights changes. Specifically, those which addressed the great divide between the rights of white people and those of colour. Hence, they were hated by white supremacists. And each was silenced by a bullet.

Were these assassinations lone wolf acts as the judgements upheld? I very much doubt it. I’ll always believe influential people behind the scenes got clean away.

Now, to the present day: A paper recently released by the department charged with monitoring the activities of assorted nuts, (domestic terrorists by another name), says quite clearly the far-right groups in the USA haven’t disappeared or dissipated with Trump’s removal. They are just lying low and planning. Many of these groups, if not all, are replete with white supremacists.

If you’re inclined to pray, pray for Kamala. And for all of us.