John Hanlon composing

During the 70s my music was arranged and produced by my dear friend Michael Harvey. I was not the only one to reap the rewards of his talent: Mike produced the songs of all the APRA Silver Scroll winners between 1973-77 and won two Silver Scrolls himself. Unsurprisingly, during this period he won a bagful of record Producer and Arranger of the Year awards, some for work on my records.

Mike remains the only person I have ever co-written songs with. KNOWING, our first joint effort was originally recorded by the late Steve Gilpin (of Misex) before I croaked out a version of my own on the album GARDEN FRESH.

This week I’m featuring two Hanlon/Harvey songs.

The first ROMANTICALLY INCLINED is included in the AFTER THE DAM BROKE compilation. It was recorded in the early 80s as a demo we hoped to get to Rod Stewart. However, we never got close to Rod and instead my version was released as a single on Polydor in New Zealand.


Sadly, it failed to impress radio programmers so no one heard it, which disappointed me because I really liked the song. The lyrics had been inspired by a recent trip to Singapore where I’d lived as boy during the 50s when the spirit of Somerset Maugham was still alive.

To my knowledge the only person who ever played this song on air was the late Peter Sinclair, who rang me in the middle of the night in Australia to tell me how much he loved it.

The second song CAT RAMBLE, a rather ambitious production with multi-tracked harmonies, was included on my largely unheard 1976 album, USE YOUR EYES.


I apologise for the sound quality of this track. It has not been re-mastered. However, while it doesn’t feature in my retrospective — hence falls outside the parameters of my stated aim to let you hear some of what’s included in the 40 song retrospective AFTER THE DAM BROKE —it is a Hanlon/Harvey composition and I thought you’d enjoy hearing Mike’s piano, Martin Winch’s guitar and the rock solid core of Chris Gunn on Bass and Vic Williams on drums.

The cat referred to in the lyrics was called Midnight and can be seen in the photo that was taken at the time.

Please share with anyone you think may be interested. I’ll be back next week with more songs from AFTER THE DAM BROKE.

Ciao for now.