Use Your Eyes album cover

(Yes, I laugh when I see photos of myself in the 1970s, too — so knock yourself out.)

In 1976 my record company, PYE, closed its doors. I’d just completed the album USE YOUR EYES, which was picked up by Warners but released with little fanfare since it was a quieter, more acoustic album with no hit single.

However,it did have some fine songs on it, one of which, NIGHTLIFE, won me COMPOSER OF THE YEAR (for the third year in succession). I don’t know that anyone outside the industry ever heard the song, which is why I say — with tongue firmly in cheek — it’s the best song you never heard. It’s certainly never been played on the air to my knowledge.

Then again, my first ever COMPOSITION OF THE YEAR award was for IS IT NATURAL a 7 minute saga that was banned by the NZBC (New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation) because of its controversial lyrics and was only ever played by the pirate radio station Radio Hauraki when they were anchored offshore on a leaky boat. So most of New Zealand never heard that song, either.

As part of my promised mission to let you hear some of the songs that are featured on my 40 song retrospective AFTER THE DAM BROKE (released by ODE) here is NIGHTLIFE. It was inspired by an old drunk I saw staggering across the road in Sydney’s King’s Cross, clutching a bottle in a brown paper bag and battling the elements on a cold, wet and windy night.

It was recorded over 40 years ago. Scary, eh?