Yesterday when I was young and my music was regularly riding the airwaves, one thing was missing — pictures. Even as the world was moving into the MTV age no cameras were ever pointed my way.

While it’s true that I chose to walk away from showbiz in the late 70s — hence away from the public eye — I firmly believe that this lack of video contributed to my rapid decline into obscurity.

In the ensuing years, while I generated new music, producing videos remained out of reach. It just cost too much.

However, in recent months I’ve had help in this regard from two sources. Firstly, Frank Davis, a Kiwi musician offered to help. With his invaluable assistance we were able to create videos for my golden oldies: DamThe Dam, Higher Trails and Lovely Lady. And also one for a more recent ‘protest’ song, What Are You Waiting For.

As well, I discovered some talented and affordable music video editors on the freelance Fiverr service who can create excellent videos from stock footage. I’m thrilled with those they have done and I will get them to do more for my back catalogue as I can afford them.

There will, of course, be videos of my upcoming songs (many are in the pipeline) but these probably feature me more.

So while it may be nearly fifty years too late, you can now at last enjoy some of my music with pictures.