Where would songwriters be without love? Falling in and out of love, making up, breaking up, muses real and imagined — mostly the latter — the possibilities are endless.

This week I’m showcasing one song about love lost and another about love found that I literally found among some songs I have never released.

The first, I HAD TO WALK AWAY is one of the tracks featured on my retrospective AFTER THE DAM BROKE. It was originally one of a series of guitar and voice demos I put down in the basement of a house in Sydney. Just guitar and voice caught on one microphone in a loose and casual way. Naturally, I’d planned to record it properly in a studio later on. But my arranger/producer, Russell Finch, loved the demo despite the ‘rubbery’ tempo changes of the choruses. So one night he simply added a piano and cello and a few tasty guitar licks by Rex Goh. When I came into the studio the next day ready to record it properly he said. ‘It’s done, listen,’ and played me what you hear now.

The second song THE BOY’S IN LOVE was among the many I’ve recorded with Bruce Lynch in his Boathouse studio, in Auckland. While I’ve never released it, I’ve always liked it. I hope you do, too.