Love & Magic

Four Delightfully Spun Yarns


A magical collection of yarns at the heart of which are truths and lessons that will leave you with a wonderfully whimsical perspective on life.

In a sense they are extraordinary tales about ordinary people, told with empathy and imagination. One shows us that, when it comes to love, you can’t disguise what’s in the eyes. Another explores the idea that the miracle of love just requires a little Yin and Yang. There’s the sensitive but tragic tale of the love of a lifetime that vanishes overnight. Finally, a man mourning a past life and love discovers that the greatest love of all is his love of life.

And in the tradition of writers like O. Henry and Dahl, Hanlon takes great delight in putting a twist in every tale. Prepare to enjoy yourself.

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Title: Love and Magic: Four Delightfully Spun Yarns
Author: John Hanlon
Publisher: Woven Words
Formats: Ebook (Kindle, EPUB), Paperback, 116 pp (ISBN 978-0-9925524-3-5 )



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Paperback: 5.5 x 8.5-inches, 116 pp, ISBN 978-0-9925524-3-5