Those of you who take the time to follow my very occasional blogs will have deduced by now that I’m pretty much lost in the new world of social media. I’ve basically resisted it because, to me, being active on a plethora of social media platforms seems both invasive and self-promotional in way that makes me uncomfortable. As well, it’s extremely time-consuming and I have better things to do than torture you with my daily trivia or be tortured by yours.

I mean — do you really need to know that I think that plate of food you posted looks delicious or that, in my opinion, your child/grandchild/Godchild has a face that only a mother could love? I ask myself — Do we really need to share so much? Are we all closet Kardashians?

However, as I step bravely into 2016 with my usual swag of projects in various stages of development, it’s been made abundantly clear to me that my intransigent position is in fact self-harming when it comes to my work. And if I don’t embrace social media much of what I do will remain a well-kept secret.

As a result, to paraphrase the late Mr Bowie, I’ve come to accept that I must turn and face the changes and that means getting more active online.

To begin with we will be updating this website to make it easier to find stuff with simple links to my books and music and regular free downloads as well.

First cabs off the rank will be two new books of short stories. Delightfully twisted yarns that are sure to amuse and engage you. They’ll be launched early this year as e-books with digital print options for those who, (like me), love the smell and feel of a real book. Stay tuned for news of these.

I will also be going back into the studio with bunch of new songs that we will record simply and sparsely. I may well post demos of those songs and ask you to choose, which, if any, of the songs you think I should record.

Then, don’t ask me how, I will find some way to post videos of these songs on YouTube and elsewhere. Perhaps even Instagram, since I’ve been coerced into joining that as well, primarily as a way of promoting a proposed series of small concerts, which I’m seriously contemplating.

Given that I’m ‘technically-challenged’ and have neither the ability or enthusiasm to spread news of my endeavours to all point of the globe, I’m going to ask for your support. Please keep an eye on what I get up to in the coming months and if you like what I do, tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know. Spread the word. Please.

And if you can think of a way I can make affordable videos for my new songs, please write to me through this site. I’m going to try some basic things myself but, to be frank, my creativity is not matched by my ability.

I need help.

I’ll be back with more news soon, I promise.