Buy me a ticket to the moon 

So I can stand in awe looking down 

On this Big Beautiful Blue Green Ball

Hanging there

In the middle of nowhere


With its mountains and miracles

And ever-present Menace of Mankind

From apes to humans these contrary creatures

Have evolved to create art and culture

Stories and music

Beauty and kindness

Greed and politics

Weapons and warfare

They wage war against each other 

And against nature itself

Ripping down rainforests 

Raping the oceans

Choking the skies

Polluting for profit

And yet … looking down from afar

You see No countries No borders

No races No religions No politics

Only one Blue Pearl of a planet

With countless millions of species

All unique All precious

All endangered

Because in a tall building somewhere

In the cold beating heart of industry

Someone yells — These Bloody Tree Huggers

They don’t understand Growth, Jobs, GDP!

That’s the Real World. Fuck the Reef! 

So what if another World Wonder bites the dust?

It’s coal dust!

And elsewhere in an underground lair 

Somebody’s knocking on his boss’s door

With plans for the most destructive missile of all time

‘It’ll kill more people, more cost effectively,’ he’ll say 

With that warm feeling you get with a job well done.

Then he’ll drive home happy having asked for raise

Looking down upon such madness

I’ll wonder once again what would happen if 

Half the world’s defence budgets were spent on attack

Attacking poverty and starvation

Attacking bigotry and repression

Attacking ignorance and lack of education

But … there’s no money in peace or salvation 

The money’s in war

Faster planes, deadlier bombs

That’s what they’re asking for

Distort the threat and you can bet

They’ll come knocking at your door

And sad to say my friend

It goes on and on 

Like a song without end

Yet… always there’s that hope

Burning brightly in my mind

If only we could put the kindness back

Into Humankind