Here’s a scenario familiar to some of you I’m sure: Large gathering, friends and family, lots of boisterous conversation about nothing in particular. Off in a quiet corner — smiling, content and largely ignored — sits Granddad who contributes the odd granddad joke, answers the occasional patronising question and smiles graciously when acknowledged. He is loved, remembered fondly — even though he is alive and kicking — but in effect is largely irrelevant.

That is how I often feel when it comes to my music.

I’m occasionally recognised for, and invited to comment on, songs I recorded over 40 years ago. But anything I might have done since — and continue you to do now — is pretty much ignored.

I’m not alone in this, time moves on, tastes change, youth and celebrity rule. So I’m more bemused than miffed by my ‘use-by’ date.

Furthermore, life has been good to me — despite some accursed health issues in recent times.

As well, I note that I’m increasingly being streamed all over the world, which, while not making me rich, is rewarding in another way.

However, as I sit pondering the fifty odd new songs I have written in recent years, I find myself torn between the need to record them for posterity, or to just remain quiet like granddad in the corner and drift off contentedly into happy irrelevance.

The dilemma, essentially, is deciding whether recording at my age and stage in life would be an artistic legacy or an expensive hobby.

What do you think?

PS: Please send this blog on to anyone you know who might be interested.

PSS: To hear songs I’ve recorded over the last 40 years, just go to the music page on this site and stream songs off any of the albums there. You might be pleasantly surprised.