Hi, this will be brief since I’m about to head off to New Zealand to launch a book I’ve written called ‘Golf. A course in Life’. In short, it’s a metaphorical ramble on the lessons golf can teach us about life. It’s unabashedly a personal point of view, much like my songs. But even if you’re not a golfer I think you’ll enjoy it — or will know someone who will.

In doing this I’m fast learning what the term ‘vanity punlishing’ really means. Self-publishing is an expensive exercise and you’d have to be mad or egotistical to undertake it. But I really believe I have something worthwhile to say with this book, so I’ll give it my best shot.

I’m delighted to tell you that the reaction in New Zealand, where I will will launch the book, has been most encouraging. Not least from Murray Deaker, a well-known sports commentator, who I’ve yet to meet, but has been mightily supportive. I only hope his enthusiasm is as contagious with others as it has been with me.

I’ll be back later with news of new songs. Meantime if you’d like to buy the book:

New Zealanders go to:


Australians go to:


I’m only selling online at this stage and 30% of my profits will be going to streetworx.org a charity that works with ‘at-risk’ children. Even if you don’t buy my book, I urge you to support these good people with their work.

Until later.