Now for something completely different.

While I doubt many of you who visit my site are golfers, I’ve written a book I’m fairly sure you’d enjoy.

My recently published book, ‘Golf. A course in Life’ is a metaphorical exploration of the lessons golf can teach us about life.

And it’s the life lessons that I believe will have universal appeal, not just to golfers.

Although, if you know a golfer, this would make the ideal gift.

30% of the profits of this book will go to the charity www.streetworx.org

However, you don’t have to buy my book to support the work of this charity dedicated to helping ‘at-risk’ children, you can just donate directly, which I urge you to do.

Here’s where you can buy the book online:
http://www.publish-me.com.au/books/golf-a-course-in-life/> ” title=”publish-me”>

Below is my foreword to the book, which explains briefly what it’s about.


That golf reflects life is not a new thought.

What I’ve attempted to do is to extend the metaphor, to examine it in depth and apply it to both the mental and physical sides of golf, as well as the business and personal sides of our everyday lives.

My qualification for attempting this –– is simply that I’m a writer who has a way with metaphor.

I am not a scratch golfer or a qualified golf teacher I’m merely a competent golfer who strives to do his best in all areas of a multi-faceted life. In that sense, much of what is written herein unabashedly reflects my own approach to life.

I’m well aware some will consider my view of the world to be anachronistic, naïve and idealistic and, I admit, in some ways I doggedly cling to what many regard as old-fashioned values.

However, I make no apologies for this. I have little time for cynics or so-called realists who abandon tradition in the name of progress or decry idealism as weakness. Cynicism is a close relative of apathy in my view and a man without ideals is a man without a soul.

If you don’t know what I mean when I say this, this book is not for you.

One final thing, I chose to set the words of this book in black and blue. Anyone who has battled with this great game will understand why.


John Hanlon, 2011.