Some of you may remember that back in September I wrote a blog entitled ‘NATIVISM, PATRIOTISM OR RACISM?’ in which, in short, I suggested that the rising incidence of Asian bashing by Kiwis was tacitly condoned by those who believe Asians are stealing jobs, houses and other entitlements that should be going to native New Zealanders.

The usual denials ensued and I was accused of making too much of a few isolated incidents.

Today, at 9.30 in the morning, in the car park of the Muriwai Golf Club, I witnessed such an assault.

I literally drove up to see a pack of Polynesian teenagers attacking someone before racing back to a car that was waiting to make a fast getaway. (Yes, shock, horror, I’m saying they were Polynesian because I’m too old, grumpy and honest to suppress the truth on the grounds of political correctness).

It turned out that the victim was a lone Japanese golfer, weighing around 55kgs dripping wet. He was in shock and could not speak English but managed to communicate that he had been attacked, without warning, by a rabid gang of youths one of whom was wielding a screwdriver. I assume this weapon was responsible for the wounds in his forehead and neck. As I write this poor bugger is in hospital no doubt in pain and severely traumatised. I do not know whether they got his wallet or even if robbery was the reason for the attack. I doubt very much that he will be able to identify any of his attackers. Sadly I can’t either.

I did manage to get the licence plate of the getaway vehicle but could only say that there were four or five Polynesian boys involved in the actual attack. They all looked like teenagers to me but I couldn’t swear to that. And, incredibly, some of them were laughing as they drove away.

What I will say is that they are cowards. While I’m sure they will believe themselves to be budding gangsters they are in fact just gutless bastards. They hunt in packs and use weapons. They stand for nothing and respect no one.

And given their youth, (despite the fact that I’m told eight of them have been apprehended after a ‘string of incidents’), they know they will almost certainly get away with a slap on the wrist at worst and any lawyer who reads this will accuse me of prejudicing the case.

However, I’m writing it anyway because in the unlikely event that any of these kids gets to court the bleeding hearts will focus on their underprivileged upbringing, peer pressure, financial hardship and everything but the spineless, racist truth.

Once were warriors, now just cowards.

(Postscript: A good friend advised me not to write this because it might cause certain low lives to hunt me down. He has a point: They might just be brave enough to beat up a 67 years old pensioner. Such heroes.)