For two years I lived in Cate Blanchett’s apartment overlooking the sea at Coogee Beach in Sydney.

That opening was a blatant attempt to borrow interest with a tenuous truth. In actual fact, while Cate and her husband Andrew Upton owned the apartment, seeing their name on my lease was the closest I ever came to them. I don’t believe they ever actually lived there.

However, I did and loved it. Especially in winter when the weather was most often crisp clear and beautiful, the coastal walks less crowded and the beachfront mercifully free from roving bands of drunken Irish backpackers.

I wrote quite a few songs in my time there and, not surprisingly, the ocean found its way into some of them.

Today’s song, ‘Carnival’, taken from my album ’12 SHADES OF BLUE’, is one of these songs. I like the images this song conjures in my head, albeit that as always the people and scenarios are completely fictional and not inspired by anyone living or dead.

As usual with my songs I had the tune of this song way before I found lyrics for it. The lyrics eventually came on the night I looked out the window and there was a slip of a moon hanging over the sea…

The rather haunting guitar sound was produced by Rex Goh using some kind of spinning contraption to vibrate the strings. I don’t recall what guitar he used. He has so many.

Song arranged and produced by Russell Finch.