Today is my birthday. Here are some of my wishes:

I wish people would be kinder to each other. I wish ‘me’ could be replaced by ‘we’. I wish our leaders would lead. I wish there were better choices than Hilary and Donald. I wish everyone would donate the price of one bottle of wine a week to something more deserving. I wish methamphetamine dealers a painful demise. I wish conservation and the environment weren’t political footballs. I wish bankers had consciences and all criminals were penalised regardless of their position or wealth. I wish banks weren’t too big to fail. I wish there were no homeless or abused children — and I wish I had an answer for that. I wish people would take responsibility for their own actions. I wish houses were more affordable. I wish younger people would understand that ‘Boomers’ didn’t cause this insane situation but just clambered aboard an elevator that keeps rising and never seems to reach the top floor. I wish we had the courage to make the changes (and cop the loss) that would address this. (Albeit that I suspect the next massive interest rise will do that). I wish we could eliminate cancer and all terminal diseases. I wish there were more organ donors. I wish teachers and nurses were paid more and respected more. I wish there were no factory farming or animal cruelty of any kind. I wish Kiwis would admit that being ‘The Saudi Arabia of Milk’ is coming at a huge environmental cost — one that can and should be addressed right now. I wish NZ’s Ministry of Primary Industries wasn’t such a source of apologist circumlocution and actually grew some balls and did the things that are necessary to make our primary industries sustainable. I wish commercial fishermen didn’t lie. I wish people would stop deluding themselves that New Zealand is 100% pure and start doing what’s necessary to clean up our act. I wish there wasn’t so much profit to be made from the arms and logistics of warfare. I wish the money spent on killing people could be spent on saving them. I wish xenophobia did not exist. I wish those in charge could see that globalisation is a cancer that will inevitably bite the hand that feeds it. I wish people saw and appreciated the miracles of life and nature and did not constantly look for miraculous signs from their imaginary friends. I wish society weren’t being so ‘dumbed down’ that libraries are becoming extinct. I wish young people didn’t aspire to talk like gangster rappers. I wish older people didn’t send me messages in text speak. I wish people wrote ‘you’re’ when they should and not the ubiquitous ‘your’. I wish we could find the will to find a way. I wish I were younger ☺