It has taken nearly half a century but now, at last, there is video footage of me in concert.
It’s a No Frills, Warts & All acoustic show entitled ‘JOHN HANLON. NOW & THEN’ that staged at The PumpHouse, Takapuna, Auckland, in March 2023.
By any measure I’m a fat old man battling with post-transplant drugs, stumbling through songs in an unabashedly ‘unpolished’ way. However, the performance has a certain charm and candour.
Here are the links:
Neil Gill, who shot and produced these videos, tells me has been a fan since he was nine years old and did it because he thought it was a ‘disgrace’ that no video footage of me existed and he wanted to redress that. I’m eternally grateful to him for doing this.
Of course, I’d like to have been filmed when I was younger, with a bigger band and more impressive staging, but now at least there exists video of me warbling away for posterity. I’m no longer the BIGFOOT of the Kiwi music scene.
And, for the most part — even when I wander off key — the sound is good.
PS: As you will see, the real musician on stage, is Yana, my life accompanist .