I remain eternally grateful for the good fortune that allowed songs like Damn the Dam, Lovely Lady and Higher Trails to climb into the Kiwi charts way back when and even now still played on stations where old songs never die.

However, most people — even those who might be interested — are not aware of the songs I recorded from 1980 onwards. This is my fault since I chose to walk away from the stage and drop out of sight and consequently out of mind.

A couple of years back I attempted to address this by releasing a double album of 40 songs, which for obvious reasons, I entitled: AFTER THE DAM BROKE.

This is not simply a ‘Best of’ in the traditional sense but a personal selection of tracks I liked most from my 40 years of sporadic recording. It even includes songs recorded in the 70s but not released because you could only fit so many songs onto a vinyl album.

Over the coming months I intend showcasing some of these songs to give anyone who might be interested a better idea of the scope of my work.

This first song ‘Our Boy’ was recorded during the session that became the album USE YOUR EYES. It was never released and was only discovered when I was remastering tapes for the AFTER THE DAM BROKE compilation. I include it now for the few hardy old fans from the 70s who will remember what I was doing then and how high my voice range was. (It’s significantly deeper now).

If you enjoy any of the songs I put up in the coming months please feel free to share them. Thanks.