As some of you know, my songwriting traverses a range of genres. I don’t fit neatly into any particular box as much as some have tried. ‘Protest Singer’ was a category often applied to me in the early days along with folk singer and, in the case of one song, psychedelic-folk.

I’ve also been referred to as a ‘balladeer’, which, as old fashioned as it might sound, is probably accurate more often than not.

However, other than a conscious effort to pen words that are substantial, there is no distinctive John Hanlon style. I’m subject to countless influences and am happy to let the words and melody dictate the genre of the song. The song is the hero, not me.

Occasionally, I write songs that are in shades of blue. Not necessarily 12 bar blues but undeniably blue nonetheless.

My cd ’12 SHADES OF BLUE’ contains a dozen such songs.

Over the next month I’ll feature a few of these in the hope that the blues lovers among you might enjoy them even though I’m not a true blue artist, merely a dilettante.

If you’re in a band, perhaps you’ll even learn and perform them. Because the greatest reward for a songwriter is when others choose to cover your work.

Sadly, as far as I’m aware, that doesn’t happen very often with my songs. And that’s enough to give anyone the blues, (he said with tongue firmly in cheek).

This track is called ‘SLIDING.’ The words should conjure up some entertaining images in your head.

I recorded it in Australia years ago. The guitarists are Rex Goh and Peter Northcote. Backing vocals, Brydon Stace. Producer, Russell Finch.

It’s not a live recording, the crowd is just a sound effect designed to add atmosphere.

Enjoy 🙂